Il Cinema a Roma (the History of Cinema in Rome)

La Casa del Cinema was opened in 2004 in the Casina delle Rose, a historic building in the Villa Borghese, close to the Via Veneto. The building covers an area of  2500 sq m. There are three rooms for film presentations an other functions, all fully-equipped with modern projection and sound systems. Two rooms offer space for exhibitions. In addition, there is a well-stocked library with wide variety of literature about the history of the Cinema and Theatre. In a further room films and audio material can be tranferred onto modern media storage systems.

There is also a restaurant and an open-air theatre with 200 seats, which is open from June to September and is suitable for both theatre performances an for talks and slideshows. Films and documentaries are shown weekly. Famous and celebrated filmmakers run courses in filmmaking to which actors, directors, producers an stage designers also come.