We’re open. The prescribed safety rules and the required hygiene standards have been carefully implemented by our company. We want you to enjoy a pleasant and relaxed stay and at the same time feel safe. Today, quality has become a synonym for cleanliness and safety. Deciding to travel is associated with many questions these days. Therefore we would like to inform our guests as comprehensively as possible and help them to orientate themselves.

In the last few months we have all dreamed of travelling, discovering new places or seeing again those we know and love. We wish for nothing more than to experience new things without any worries and yet we want to feel safe and secure. In order to choose, to decide, to plan, we have to get an idea and for this we need as detailed information as possible.

Privacy and discretion are guaranteed in our small and intimate guest house. Do you want to avoid public transport? Thanks to its central location, all the major sights of the city are within walking distance. Have you ever thought of renting a Vespa or an electric bicycle, enjoying Roman holidays like in the fifties, without mass tourism? 

We are all aware that it is necessary to adapt in these days. Please understand, if we repeat what you probably already know. We are obliged to inform you. We must ask for your cooperation to help us to make your dream of a pleasant and safe stay come true. Today the quality of the welcome has a new meaning. Until now, for an accommodation facility, wellness meant having well-kept and clean spaces and rooms, professional staff and quality service. Those who have stayed with us in the past know that we have cherished the well-being of our guests for more than 25 years. Today, talking about safety means protecting your health and that of our employees. Well-being is now the equivalent of hygiene, disinfection, information and flexibility. Today, communicating is synonymous with informing as widely as possible. Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us.

To ensure your safety, we are applying the rules and following the recommendations established by the Ministry of Health, the Higher Institute of Health and the WHO. It is a great effort and commitment, but we hope it will be rewarded by your trust.

Since hygiene is essential to avoid contagion, we have intensified the frequency of cleaning our facility, which is regularly disinfected with the products and according to the rules indicated. All surfaces most frequently touched in common areas, such as door handles, are disinfected periodically. The air conditioning elements in common areas and rooms are cleaned and disinfected weekly. The rooms are ventilated at the guest’s departure in order to guarantee the change and good air quality, ventilated again after cleaning and whenever disinfectants are used. The whirlpool bath is disinfected periodically. If you wish you can ask us not to clean the rooms daily during your stay. We would like to inform you, however, that the staff is obliged to wear gloves and change once the cleaning of the room is finished. In any case, the guest’s linen is only touched with clean gloves. Guests’ items such as room keys are disinfected before and after each use. We are in possession of the certification of the laundry, which we have been relying on for years. All linen supplied to the structure is washed at high temperature and disinfected, as required by the Italian Ministry of Health. Our staff, moreover, is required to ensure careful hand hygiene. We have simplified our service as much as possible in these days to reduce movements and contacts. Please understand, that we cannot offer breakfast service at the moment. Do you have questions about the arrival, the public transport, do you want a private taxi service to make sure that the hygiene regulations are observed? Please contact us if you have any questions. We will try to help you in the best possible way. We have streamlined the check in procedures. To this end, we ask you to send us your identity documents in advance. If you are a group or a family, please designate one person to communicate with our reception, check in and collect your electronic keys. If you wish you can request self-check-in after sending your documents and carefully reading the information sheet that will be sent to you. Moreover, it is possible to do the self-check-out. In both cases it is necessary to have paid the tourist tax and what is due. Send us your requests. We will give you all the necessary information. These are all temporary measures and we will return to full service as soon as possible, but for now the priority is prevention.

Don’t be surprised, therefore, if our staff will welcome you wearing a face mask and respecting the indicated interpersonal distance of 1 meter. If we ask him to respect this distance and not to shake your hand it’s because we know that by protecting our employees we also protect you, our guests. Please read carefully the rules, which you will find published on our website and which will also be sent to you by email. Remember that inside the structure it is mandatory to use the face mask and respect the interpersonal safety distance of 1 meter. The rule is not applied for members of the same family or guests who share the same room. Do not stay longer than necessary in the entrance area. This may seem like a sacrifice, but it will help us to move forward and achieve full normality as we all desire. We hope that our commitment can make you stay with the same confidence with which our guests have rewarded us over the years.

And hopefully… to meet you soon in Rome. Because in order to be able to start and grow up again, we need your help and trust.

We look forward to seeing you.